What Vitamins Can Control Hunger And Help With Weight Loss

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Here are my comments on how to control blood sugar surges:

if you have a breakfast full of carbohydrates results in your insulin levels to hit the roof very fast.

I agree with the writer of the article that we need to look at what we are eating especially the carbohydrates intakes daily. Another area to look at is probably supplementation nutrients into your meals by way of a high quality vitamin supplement.

Today our breads and other cereals are so highly processed that all the essential nutrients have been taken out from the grains and sold separately as there is so much money in the supplement industry. one good example is Vitamin E. Its taken out from the bran and sold as pure Vitamin E. Then the food manufacturer replaces it with Fortified synthetic vitamin E

Then synthetic nutrients are added back into the cereal or milk and sold as fortified foods high in this and that nutrient.

But synthetic is not good as it is harmful to our bodies as we all know.

We need to look for a supplement that is trust worthy, delivers what is said to be on the label as well as safe. The nutrients supplied in the multivitamin must be of the optimum daily dosagae for maximum protection from free radical damage.

Now if a food supplement is formulated with the essentials nutrients it will have nutrients that can help to regulate the blood sugar levels and surges we see in our bodies daily. The nutrients like chromium is one such mineral that is essential for this purpose.

By regulating the blood sugar levels it helps to keep diabetes away or under control.

Another good supplement is fish oils supplements. The DHA helps carbohydrate digestion and Fibre is another good addition to the diet that can help in weight loss.

By eating proper foods also help to regulate blood sugar levels and also keep the weight down. I would suggest that you look at Low Glycemic Foods also known as GI Foods and see how you can incorporate these low GI foods into your meals. I tend to keep Nutrimeal handy for this very purpose. I don’t feel hungry as much when I am on a low GI food that helps with weight management.

Low GI meals will help you feel full longer and hence make you eat less. When you eat less you will put on less weight and stay healthy long term.

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