So what about vitamin D supplements? Vitamin D Deficiency

Professor Rebecca Mason says that in Australia more and more research is coming out pointing to the fact that vitamin D is very important. She says that today we can access more information on the optimal levels of Vitamin D for good health. ‘While Australia currently advises 50nmol/L of blood, or higher to allow for a 10-20 nmol/L decrease over winter, similar to official policy in the US, some groups in US are suggesting closer to 80 nmol/L. ‘Vitamin D supplements (click here) are suitable for people who are advised not to go outside
people with sun-sensitive skin and people who are immuno suppressed,’ says Professor Mason. More info!


It has been shown that people with dark skin need as much as six times the amount of vitamin D from the sun as compared to people with lighter skin. This is the reason why supplementation of vitamin D is important as people don’t have the time to stay out in the sun for such extended periods of time. Busy lifestyles and people being lazy can contribute why this may not occur.


Medication may hamper Vitamin D absorption into the body as it could slow down the metabolism of vitamin D and prevent it being absorbed. This could also lead to a risk of vitamin D deficiency.


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