Vitamin C Benefits and Side Effects

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The most common solution for the common cold, fracture and wound is natural Vitamin C. It is one of the most well known and best used vitamins around. It is able to boost the immune system by giving the body the nutrients it requires in order to function properly. It is able to reduce the histamine level, which is the cause of fever and colds.

You can also use Vitamin C dosage on your skin. It can give you sunscreen protection thereby protecting your skin from the harmful glare of UV rays. You can also apply this vitamin to your wounds in order to hasten the healing process. Citrus juices are rich in vitamin C benefits and you can use these juices to cool the body and even as natural skin bleach. The best Vitamin C is included in most skin care products due to its nourishing effect on the skin.

If you lack Vitamin C in the body, you are prone to getting the disease known as scurvy. This vitamin is the only remedy for such disease. The symptoms of people with scurvy are muscle weakness, tiredness, muscle aches, bleeding gums and rashes.

Vitamin C is also essential for cancer prevention. It keeps the cells in the body healthy. It has antioxidants that helps maintain the cholesterol level in the body at the normal level. This in turn will help individuals reduce the risk of heart problems especially to those who already have a family history of such illness.

In order to fight off cataract, the intake of Vitamin C is vital. This vitamin takes good care of the eyes by safeguarding it; preventing it from blurring. It also controls the blood sugar level of the body in order to prevent diabetes. All of these are the benefits of the intake of Vitamin C. You can get it from citrus fruits or you can also get it through the intake of vitamin supplements.

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