Can Supplements Help Children

Often, the hectic pace of 21st century living means finding time to figure out the most nutritious options and to prepare home-cooked meals all of the time difficult. Yet good nutrition is a must for healthy growth and development.  However, studies suggest that a high percentage of children are falling short. 

A glimpse into the findings of a study conducted on school students in Years 7 to 12 (NSW School Students Health Behaviours Survey), revealed that children’s nutritional consumption just isn’t sufficient.  Over half (53.5%%) did not consume adequate amount of fruit every day, around three-quarters (75.5%) did not consume adequate amount of vegetables every day, approximately three-quarters (72.1%) did not consume adequate amounts of grain foods every day, approximately 6 in 10 (62.2%) students drank full-cream milk (reduced fat milk is recommended for older children and young people), over half (58.2%) drank less than 5 cups of water each day, and approximately 7 in 10 drank sugary drinks on 5 or more occasions each week1.  These statistics clearly indicate that our school-going teens and kids are not consuming the sufficient amounts of nutrient-rich foods, and are not making the right food and drink choices.   

On the other hand, the SPANS study conducted in 2010 across all age groups of school children revealed that 17.1% of NSW students surveyed were overweight and 5.8% were obese2.  The combined 22.9% of overweight and obese school-going children is alarming!  The report suggests the exploration of healthy eating and physical activity programs in schools, which implies that improper nutrition choices, is a key factor.

So what do we do about this situation?

A healthy nutrient-rich diet, a few good lifestyle choices and a solid nutritional supplement regime can help.