Ideas On How To Reduce Weight For Women To Stay Healthy

Interesting article on 5 Best weight loss programs for women.:

Wondering which are the best weight loss programs for women? Which diets or weight loss solutions can generate the best, the healthiest, the safest and the faster results?

Here are my comments…

Before we actually look at weight loss lets just take a step back and see how we started to have this problem of weight gain. Probably that’s where we should begin.

We must have changed our eating habits sometime ago by shifting to more convenient ways of eating. This probably started due to the hectic social or working life we have.

Today fast foods as well as food of choice have made us so used to eating quick easy to prepare meal. These meals are of low nutritious value of essentials nutrients of minerals & antioxidants and have very little fibre or freshness.

Another factor is that the fats in these foods are man made and are bad fats which add to heart disease and high cholesterol problems seen in men and women today.

Now to address how women can reduce weight easily we need to start looking at our diet first and stop eating junk foods. Reduce the cafe latte and other socialite drinks we are so accustomed too.

One Cafe Latte is roughly 270 calories and would take you approximately 2 hours to burn off in the gym. If you are used to having a Frappe a day be warned . These tasty chilled drinks are around 700 calories and it take 3500 calories to burn to get rid of just one pound of body fat.

By eating low GI or glycemic foods we can definitely help our weight loss program. Foods with low GI will be digested slower and will result in us feeling fuller longer. This in turn will prevent us going hungry and craving for more food quicker.

Low GI foods have other benefits in that they prevent suddenly blood sugar spikes which cause arteriosclerosis and diabetes.